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Kindness Seed by BankOfGriffia x 6
[Bagbeans] Oct 7 Bday Movement by CalimonGraal [BagBeans] 9th October Bloomsday by CalimonGraal [BagBeans] 12th October Bloomday by CalimonGraal

Activity Reward - Peanut by BankOfGriffia x 14
[BagBeans] Inktober 1 - Apple is Pead by CalimonGraal [Bagbeans] Oct 7 Bday Movement by CalimonGraal [BagBeans] 9th October Bloomsday by CalimonGraal [BagBeans] 12th October Bloomday by CalimonGraal [BagBeans] DTA Night Terrors entry by CalimonGraal [BagBeans] COM-TA Entry by CalimonGraal [BagBeans] Penny and Hollie YBH Chibis by CalimonGraal [BagBeans] Neo YBH by CalimonGraal [BagBeans] Tello YBH by CalimonGraal [BagBeans] Hallie YBH by CalimonGraal

Skull Bean by BankOfGriffiax 1
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(original reference)

[BagBeans] Red Hair Mazhal by CalimonGraal(current look)

 Mazhal (Maze)
Nickname/s: --
Owner: CalimonGraal (Variant of Maze)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 68cm
Species: Bagbean
Type: Event
Theme: 500th Anniversary
Bag type: Bag

City of origin: ??
Current Residence: ??
Occupation: ??
Political status: Royal

Color chart:


Mazhal is an energetic, curious bagbean who loves to run and explore.
He's nervous around other creatures/animals, and if startled would run and hide in something (i.e. a tree).


Starbean mutations -
Hollowbean mutations -
Foolbean mutations -
Glowbean Mutations -


Shapeshifter Griffian forms:

Add text/Art

Shapeshifter animal forms:

Add text/Art

Swirl form:

Angel form (your bagbean can travel through dimensions, fly in space and heal others)
Mermaid form (your bagbean can travel through any water, have water/ice powers and control the weather)
Dragon form (your bagbean is extremely strong, can control fire, and  travel to all secret areas)
Fairy form (Your bagbean has flowers and plants grow on them, can control nature and animals)

Skill form:

Berserk -  Knight form ( Raises Attack by 10 skullskills)
Silent - Rouge form ( Raises Stealth by 10 skullskills)
Nimble - Scout form ( Raises Speed by 10 skullskills)
Sturdy - Guard form ( Raises defense by 10 skullskills)

Aura form:

Preist Form +10 Stamina added onto existing stats
Witch Form +10 Adventure added onto existing stats 
Genie Form +10 Skill points added onto existing stats 
Elf Form +10 HP added onto existing stats 

Human  form:

Add text/Art

Splice forms:


Bag Version:

V1 - Creepy crawly (can have any bug or spider type of legs)
V2 - Hoppotohop (Can have any type of two legs)
V3 - Flappity flap ( Can have any type of wings)
V4 - Flop flop (can have any type of fins)
V5 - Randawon (can have any type of 4 legs)
V6 - Slitherslaff (can have any type of sliding shape)


TBA (earn reports/ collect business cards, ratings)


Resources: Skill Training Token by GQuin SKILL POINTS: x00 |  Resources: Weapon Training Token by GQuin WEAPON POINTS: x00 |  Resources: Social Training Token by GQuin SOCIAL POINTS: x00

LVL: 0


HP:  Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff  
Attack: Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   
Speed:   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff
Stealth:  Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff   Pixel bean by griffsnuff
Defense:  Pixel bean by griffsnuff
(you have 10 base points to disperse)

Adventure Points: x00
Quest Points: x00


Weapon of choice: (see weapon information here - Weapon Training)
Customized weapon: (upgrade after 50 weapon points)
Magical upgrades: - - -


Beanotype: Add text
Beanostatus: Add text
Beanomutation: Add text


Magic skills: (obtained by eating magic beans)
Magic path: (see magic path information here - LESSER MAGIC TRIAL)
Magic points (MP): Add text
Magic Familiar: Maze cannot obtain a familiar


Element of choice: Add text


CURRENT PEAS: Maze does not get a pea count
0 Peas = Peasant
100 Peas = Commoner
300 Peas = Baron
500 Peas = Duke/dutchess
1000+ Peas = Royal








Closest friends




Identity trial Done.
[BagBeans] Mazhal's Identity Trial by CalimonGraal

Bulder trial Not finished
Discovery trial Not finished
Lesser Magic trial Not finished
Advanced magic trial Not finished
Occupation trial Not finished
Market trial Not finished
Lovebean hatching trial Not finished
Soulmate trial Not finished
Allies trial Not finished


Chakra training Not finished
Skill training Not finished
Weapon training Not finished
Mag point training Not finished
Elemental training Not finished


Smelting class Not finished
Bottle making class Not finished
Potion making class Not finished
Egg hatching class Not finished
Cooking class Not finished
Herbalism class Not finished
Magic jewling class Not finished






Immigration Trial Not finished


[You will receive 1 peanut for drawing your Maze]
Current Total:
 x06 Peanuts

[BagBeans] Mazhal ref by CalimonGraal Cute Mazhal by CalimonGraal

[BagBeans] Inktober 2 - Evil Candy by CalimonGraal [BagBeans] Mazhal's Identity Trial by CalimonGraal [BagBeans] Red Hair Mazhal by CalimonGraal


[must be colored full bodies with backgrounds | The main/semi-main must be owned by you to receive AP | You will also receive 1 peanut for drawing your Maze]

Current Total: x00 Adventure Points


[must be colored full bodies | The main / semi-main can not be owned by you to receive SP | You will also receive 1 peanut for drawing your Maze]

Current Total: x00 Social Points


Team Thursday Art fight entries: Add art

House rewards: Add items


Current Total: x00 Peanuts



Collect coins by participating in the community activities! ( more TBA)

Koin's snarky shop comments:

Did you buy anything in the shop and get a snarky comment back? collect it here! 

Patch's random fact comment:

Did patch tell you about something when you turned in your stitchbeans? collect it here!

Queens generosity comment:

Has the queen given you any prizes/comments? collect it here!

Memes interview comment:

Did meme interview your griffian? Collect it here!

BBITK Feature:

Did you appear in an issue of the BBITK? If so collect it here!

BEANGO luck:

Did you win in the beango yet? if so collect it here!


Have you donated anything on donation monday? if so, what?
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I'M TAKING 4 SLOTS, FULL BODY CEL-SHADED + basic BG FOR $25 EACH [Additional characters/poses +5]
Examples -  Beach Fun by CalimonGraal  Christmas 2015 - He turned into a tree by CalimonGraal entry for cutie pup DTA by CalimonGraal





Please comment below to claim a slot, i'll note you my paypal and we'll discuss on the commission in the notes. :V
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Still trying to sell these cuties!
[Click on the deviations for pricing/info and rules]
If paying with points, post a comment for the adopt you want and then use the commission widget.
$15/1500pts Flutterlace batch 1 [3/4 OPEN] by CalimonGraal

Enqua Chibi Batch 3 [3/6 OPEN / $5/500pts] by CalimonGraal  ++ENQUA AUCTION++ [OPEN] by CalimonGraal  [$15/1500 pts] Enqua Batch [6/6 OPEN] by CalimonGraal

$5/500 pts fruit-themed Alpakits - [2/2 OPEN] by CalimonGraal $2/200pt ALPAKITS [Open 13/15] (PRICE REDUCTION) by CalimonGraal

[$15/1500pts] Alpakit Batch 2 [8/8 OPEN] by CalimonGraal $5/500 pts Alpakit Chibis [4/4 OPEN] by CalimonGraal

[SETPRICE] Alpakit Batch 1 [OPEN] by CalimonGraal
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Any creators on Patreon that has an unverified paypal?
Like are you able to pay out your earned money on patreon into your unverified paypal account?
I tried googling about it but nothing came up.
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There's a cute DTA adoptable goin on over here DTA cutie pup CLOSED by SparksTea by SparksTea

//much want omg
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its amazing how much money some adopt species go for xD

like dreamies qwq so cute
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they're everywhere oh dear god

Halloween adoptable - Vampire boy [CLOSED] by CalimonGraal  Kemonomimi adopts [1/2 OPEN] 80 pts by CalimonGraal  Chibi adopts [OPEN] 80 pts each by CalimonGraal  Random OC Adoptables :V [OPEN] by CalimonGraal
|---500 pts----|  |---------------------------------80 pts-----------------------------------|

just to show these are a thing and waitin to be bought. :V

they're to get my feet wet into the adoptable world as I'm building a couple closed species, because species are fun and I'd thought I'd try it out.

//even if i don't have a damned clue as to what i'm doing
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Wish it wasn't invite only qwq

//if anyone has invite codes i'd like one please ;w;

///wow i havent journaled in forever
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Why does DA have to make the useful widgets premium-only

DA why you make me sad
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why do i always look at the comments on official DA posts
and artworks

the stupidity makes me want to choke a bitch

/same for youtube uggghhh

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I'm taking normal commissions as well.

I'm taking only 4 slots at the moment, i haven't gotten any requests yet on Tumblr so i figured i'd advertise here too.

What I can draw:
> Fantrolls
> OCs in general
> I can try anthros (i have anthro OCs myself) but i'm not as great at those.
> UTAUloids

What I WON'T draw:
> NSFW (This includes extremely revealing outfits.)
> Multiple characters in one picture. (That would take me a lot longer, and not really ready to take that on yet.)
> Overly complex designs.

Also I prefer visual/clear references(or at least clear enough to see the design) of your OC, otherwise i'd need a pretty detailed description as i'm a very visual person. :U

Contact me either via notes on here (preferred) or with my gmail
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That feeling when an old-by-now fanart has more favorites than entire gallery.

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what account type do i use if i want to do commissions >:?
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wooooo :V

I should get my ass going on posting those pages...

though i'm thinking on just putting them on the smackjeeves website.
uploading them here is a pain in the ass. D;
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OMG premium for a day

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 1:45 PM
And an awesome Gamzee skin to boot.

And yes I've been neglecting to post up pages I'm sorry. :C (I keep forgetting it's thursday adfsdjaghskdjghksahg)

And now i'm gunna put up the four pages I posted onto my comic's site, and the first two pages of Chapter 2.

Oh god I'm already on chapter 2 I better start making more Ch3 pages soon oh shit.

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Now to update my comic cause i keep forgetting about thursday agsdgsadgsdag

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with a lil bigger, better watermark ones :U

hope they're easier to read now. :la:
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